Sunday, April 24, 2011

Song Scramble

Below are 5 scrambled song titles from the Billy Lawrence cd One Might Say. Check back for the answers in a few days.

real scorn in fegy  -------- ----- -- (3 words)
gay times hon --- ----- --- (3 words) 
dove or you log ---- ---- ---- (3 words)
fin roy deb --------- (1 word)
if my gov are beb ------- -- ---- (3 words)

I'm A Believer In Other Billyvers.

This blog is a baby. I have had her in mind for over a year and finally she is here. I've just begun to let others know about her. If you are a Billyver please send a picture of you with your Billy Lawrence cd(s) to .

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Billy Is Back In The Studio!!!

As of April 2011 our blessed Billy is back! This is something my r&b spirit has prayed for. Check her verified twitter out @_BillyLawrence .
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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Billboard Magazine article on the emotions behind One Might Say.

One Might Say (album)

One Might Say is Billy's first cd, dropped in 1994. This whole album is great. I play it like its new. I recommend my fellow Billyvers to go to and purchase it.  Happiness is the only song that is converted to MP3 format. I'm sure high demand can change that. Newbies should go to to listen to snipets of each song.
Stay tuned for videos I create with songs from One Might Say.

Billy Lawrence ft MC Lyte- Come On

The first song I ever heard fom Billy was Come On featuring MC Lyte. Here is the official video posted on by polygurl24. I do not own the rights to this video.