Sunday, December 18, 2011

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Rampage ft. Billy Lawrence- Take It To The Streets

Shades (Billy's Contribution t.b.a.)

Do you remember the quartet Shades? Well Billy worked with them. I'm waiting to find out what she helped them with but until then here are some facts about Shades.
  •  Had the song Tell Me (I'll Be Around) that made the top 100 charts.
  • Members were Monique Peoples, Danielle Andrews, Shannon Walker Williams, and Tiffanie Cardwell.
  • Signed to Motown Records.
  • Released the albums Shades and Serenade.
  • Danielle Andrews continues to sing professionally and has toured with Inrique Iglesias.
  • Shannon Walker Williams is married to NBA player Ray Williams.

Dwight Pinkney and Billy Lawrence

Billy is credited as a percussionist on Dwight Pinkney's album All Occassions. I'm not familiar with this musician. Here is a picture.

Buju Banton and Billy Lawrence

Billy was listed as a musician on Buju Banton's Friends For Life. I'm not sure what song(s) she was a part of but I will find out.

Mandy Moore ft. Billy Lawrence - Candy

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Billy's Info

Billy Lawrence's Contact Info:
twitter: @_BillyLawrence

Jimmy Cliff and Billy Lawrence

Billy Lawrence sang background for and played percussion for Jimmy Cliff. I believe she started her professional music career touring with him.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Prince Markie Dee- Love Daddy

Most old school hip hop heads know the Fat Boys. Member Prince Markie Dee released the album Love Daddy which credits Billy Lawrence. I believe she is singing on the song Garden Of Love. What do you think? I'll find out if thats her for sure. Listen to the song through the link below.

Blaque- Bring It All To Me (ft. Billy Lawrence)

 Many of you remember Left Eye's group B.L.A.Q.U.E. Did you know that was Billy singing background in their song, Bring It All To Me? She helped write the hit, too. Here's the offical video.

Jah Cure- True Reflections

I have to be honest and admit I am not familiar with Jah Cure. I've found credits that listed our girl, Billy Lawrence, as playing conga on his album True Relfections... A New Beginning. I'll find out more about Jah Cure and if these credits are true or not.

Allure- Wanna Get With You (written by Billy Lawrence)

Allure's debut album Alure was released on Mariah Carey's label Crave Records. The album featured a song entitled "Wanna Get With You" that was written by our Billy as well as Darrell Allamby. Peep the vid I made below.

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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Billy Lawrence- Ruler Of My Heart (King Of Trust) *2011*

Listen to Billy's 2011 song Ruler Of My Heart (King Of Trust) here:

Billy's Contribution to 'On The 6' by Jennifer Lopez- 'Open Off My Love'

So I've found one source that sites writers of J-Lo's song, 'Open Off My Love' as Al West/Jennifer Lopez/Billy Lawrence/ Kyra Lawrence/Tracey Reid. Upon listening to this song I think I hear Billy's sweet voice in the background. I made a video. Take a look and tell me if you think she's singing on the song.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Rampage ft. 702- We Getz Down (Remix)

Billy made a cameo in the video We Getz Down by Rampage and 702.

Mase ft. Billy Lawrence - Love You So

Billy sang on the single Love You So from Ma$e's debut album Harlem World .

You can listen to Love You So at this link:

Did Billy Lawrence Contribute To Jennifer Lopez's "On The 6" ?

I've heard that Billy and her brother Kyra wrote and sang background on Jennifer Lopez's album On The 6.

I found these credits but I'm not sure if the Bill Lawrence is supposed to be Billy or is infact a Bill.

Personnel: Jennifer Lopez (vocals); Claytoven Richardson, Sandy Griffith, Rita Quintero, Wendy Peterson, Lena PĂ©rez, Shawnyette Harrell, Skyler Jett, Bill Lawrence, Jennifer Karr (background vocals).

Did she help create On The 6? Are the songs ones that made the album? If so, which ones?

Charli Baltimore ft. Billy Lawrence- Pull The Alarm

Our Billy was featured on Charli Baltimore's album Cold As Ice. She sang the hook of the song Pull The Alarm. Enjoy a fan's video and a pic I made below.

Mary J. Blidge ft. Billy Lawrence- Changes I've Been Going Through

Hola Billyvers. Many of you may not know our Billy was featured on Mary J. Blidge's debut album Whats The 411? She sang background on the song Changes I've Been Going Through. Check out the vid.