Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Billy Lawrence on Soul Train- Interview and Paradise

One day I was watching Soul Train and I saw an artist I'd never heard of. It was Billy Lawrence. She performed Come One. I loved the song, her outfit, the whole performance. So I ran and grabbed a VHS tape (yes, a tape) and recorded as much as I could. After her interview she sung Paradise. I was "Hooked On You", Billy. I became and instant BILLYVER. I "claimed" that with this new technological world, and the way music is now put out, Billy would come back and give us Billyvers what we've been missing. And if she didnt I was going to make enough noise for her to know how much we love her. As I began planning my format for Billyvers.blogspot.com and working on a Petition to have Billy's 3rd album unshelved I learned that Billy had a Twitter and was back in the studio. And here we are...

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